This is the website for Jan Prunk from Slovenia,
Software freedom / GNU Linux consultant,
amateur photographer and rare grooves collector.

IT Consulting

If you need any IT services or help with setting up infrastructure and hardware
for your office or various system administration do not hesitate to contact me.
I can also offer custom webdesign, blog/forum/website hosting on modern hardware
on a redundant well connected network. Here you can find my CV and a short history in IT.


If you are looking for studio or outdoor photography services, I can assist you.
Price is affordable and sometimes depending on the project I would even work for free
with the Time For Print (TFP) agreement.


I prefer to be contacted by E-mail address
(You will need to resolve the code to see the full address to avoid SPAM)
... or use the direct contact form instead.

If you would like to transmit data to me in a secured way,
you can send me GPG encrypted E-mail, my public key is 0x00E80E86.

Here is a little PGP script for finding trust paths
your key id :
Other methods for contacting me:
My (we)blog